Featured Composers:
Film Music and Otherwise

This is where I will express my passion for the Great Composers and their works.
Since my musical tastes obviously run along the fringes, it should be no shock that these
pages will almost exclusively be concerned with composers who worked in the Twentieth Century.
You might also notice a few very obscure and otherwise neglected Music People featured here.
Surprised? If you've seen the rest of the site, probably not.

Now, a little about my background: (very little)

As a music major in college, I was a dropout.
This minor setback may have diminished my potential knowledge of
Harmony, Applied Theory, Counterpoint, the '12-Tone School' and pesky Key Signatures.
Despite all of this, as Genesis (the band) once said, "I Know What I Like"
-- and one thing I really like is complex, controversial and challenging music
which has been composed for orchestra, ensemble, or soloist.
I also love music which is originally written as an accompaniment for film,
but ultimately steals the show.
  • Each composer's image will open a carefully chosen, informative website in a new window
  • Eventually, I will have my own 'mini-websites' for personal favorites
  • Suggestions, comments and requests are always welcome here:
  • The composer 'boxes' will continue to grow in size and number: check back often

If you're wondering, that IS Bernstein's 'Candide Overture' adorning the page background.

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