Awesome, Dissonant Guitar Hatred and Bliss from Geordie and Co.
I'm here to tell you that NOBODY has quite the wicked, dense,
monster guitar sound of Geordie Walker, especially in a live setting.
I do believe I once witnessed a spontaneous decapitation next to one of his stacks.

Perhaps in a dream.

As for the entity of this band, Killing Joke is a true enigma; an unusual and complex band with strong messages,
yet somewhat dubious lyrical and philosophical methods of unleashing them upon us.
Vocalist/ Keyboardist Jaz Coleman is a real tough nut to crack.
He can sound fanatical and psychotic one minute, and compassionate and world-weary the next.
There seems no doubt that Jaz takes himself and his beliefs, whatever they are, very seriously.

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The two Bassists that have served time with this band, Paul Raven
and Youth each possess(ed) powerful, aggressive and unique styles of their own.
Drummers Martin Atkins & Paul Ferguson both have quite a rep in this shrouded little sector of the Music biz,
and both have played with several respected 'Underground Super-Groups' (as have Geordie, Paul and Youth)
Conglomerations such as Ministry, Pigface, Murder Inc. have often included multiple KJ members.
Dig around a bit, and you shall find a wealth of intriguing and thought-provoking music.

My Job is to save you the Trouble:

Now 'Gather' Round:

You now must sit through my inane yet pertinent 'Geordie Anecdote'.
You see, one dark and energized evening, I somehow became inebriated
and thus overly ambitious at one of K.J.'s gigs. (imagine that)
This was in 1988 or so, I believe, at the John Anson Ford Theater in Los Angeles, CA
- an excessively bitchin' outdoor venue which was rarely used for shows of this nature.
As this rowdy and turbulent night progressed,
I suddenly decided that it was NOW time to 'transform myself' into a


(minimal applause is heard; one-handed claps)
Not only did I manage to eventually weasel my way into this position,
I was actually able to perform these duties without mishap nor incident.
This was truly amazing, considering the spiflicated nature of my existence at the time.
The best part, I even got to chat 'Guits' with my 'Main Man' Geordie himself.
All I remember is that I asked about 'That Sound' and 'Those Chords'.
Mr. Walker was extremely patient and personable, and was quite dapper in appearance,
considering the Maniacal, Fiendish Axe-Murder he Dishes Out when 'Plugged In'
As the conclusion of this mystifying evening drew near,
I somehow made my way to an Unknown Office where some shady-
looking characters were sitting around a table full of cash.
After my explanation, these gents kicked me down
US currency in the neighborhood of around 40 Quid.
How about THAT action?
So what, now you want an ending?

I'm thankful I remembered as much as I did, my friends.

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