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This is an Incredible 'Un'-Official Site: Honour The Fire

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Malicious Damage

Learn about this band's twisted art
Studio C

A 2003 Shot of Jaz
Taken August 8 at the Lokkerse, Belgium Feesten Festival
An awesome collection of KJ concert photos, Past and Present:

Interviews & Articles:

1. Jaz Coleman
- Excellent Interview at Skiddle

2. Geordie Walker
- at BBC Manchester (Need RealPlayer - worth the bullshit)

3. Jaz & Dave Grohl
- Video footage (in studio) and audio clips (new album)

4. Live Review
- The Underworld London Aug. 14th '03 ~From Live 4 Metal



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A nice little site with unusual images, viewpoints, etc.
Laugh At Your Peril

A superbly designed, informative (and now archived) KJ Site

Here is a wealth of rare KJ Vids and Sounds
(Now Achived & Barely Functioning)

In Memoriam:
An Abandoned, nevertheless still useful Killing Joke Site

A partner in sick nostalgia:

A Blast from the Past

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