The One and Only Masters of SPLATTERCORE :
Raw aggression and energy combined with comic book-style atrocities and super tight musicianship.
These all add up to one of the finest of the crossover/metal/hardcore/punk outfits ever.
Splatterdude & vocalist Blaine (Fart) himself sent over the "Grinning Like An Undertaker" cover:

...which is certainly one of their superior releases.
This one (and "Straight Razor") feature the phenomenal and insanely precise drumming of Josh Sinder.
Martha Splatterhead is their Mean mutha-fukin' MONSTER of a mascot;
her image provides some seriously violent & havoc-filled cover artwork,
as well as inspiration for some intensely chaotic musical mayhem.
This stuff is hard to come by, but WELL worth the effort.
Back in the day, I once took the 400-mile road trip from L.A. to Berkley
just to catch this band as they tore the living SHIT out of 924 Gilman St.

And Don't You Forget It or she'll rip your fucking FACE in half in a lengthwise fashion. (For Starters)

Recommended Releases:

1. More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral
2. Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told (Pictured Below)
3. Grinning Like An Undertaker (Pictured Above)
4. Straight Razor

Accused Links:

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Yet another outstanding interview with Blaine
Blaine also discusses each Accused album, individually
Very Cool

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A good shot at some Accused CD's

These last 2 images came from
Transparent Records
There is Fartz and Accused Stuff:

That BASTARD Mark Prindle is at it AGAIN!
First, he steals my Prized Toenail Collection
...and now THIS!
(Excellent set of Accused Reviews; he STOLE my IDEA)

A decent Accused Discography

Blaine's former and Current Band:
The Fartz at Alternative Tentacles

The Hot Rod Lunatics:
Current Band of Double-Kick Phenom Josh Sinder

If you love the cover art of this band's releases like I do...

This Bad Boy of a Banner to view TONS more... at Gaither

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