Backwards Bing

IT is exactly as IT sounds: Bing Crosby played backwards.
However, it is FAR from that simple.
The significance of this extra-dementional phenomenon was discovered by unhappy accident,
when a DEFECTIVE cassette version of "Christmas With Bing" was unwittingly purchased by a close friend.
He popped it in the deck, and the "magic" began.

1. Earthly Explanation: (feeble, improbable excuse)
The cassette was somehow mis-assembled & configured in a manner
which caused it to be heard backwards when played. (yeah, right)

2. Otherworldy Explanation: (the FACTS, ma'am)
A Lovecraftian, Extra-Dimensional Bing-Thing Phantasma appeared,
and hovered;
silent and unseeable;
as Frank-o placed the blasted cassette into the unsuspecting machine,
transforming it for Eternity into a Channelling Device of Unknown Origin.

The effect was both deeply unsettling and perversely gratifying.
This forbidden concept has since been experimented with by
AMPHIBIFUDD (Father Fudd Melms) on his track "BB Bw Bing" and possibly others.

It will very likely be explored even further by myself and my cohort in Psychosis en Musica
Mr. Frank "BadMoodGuy" H. (The Discoverer of 'BB'), and very possibly even Father Fudd Melms himself.

The lot of us will be flirting with a veritable Pandora's Box, stuffed with untold levels of inter-dimensional peril.

IF we survive, we will plausibly be known as
We will be releasing our unique music (deranged sonic experimentation)
through this website at some point in the bleak, unforgiving future.

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