Spotlight - Composer of the Moment:


Koji Kondo

All who have galloped across grand Hyrule Field, or battled their way through the insidious likes of
Big Bad Bowser, Kamek - the (infinitely pestiferous) Magikoopa or worse yet;

- Barinade: Bio-Electric Anemone -

will certainly recognize and understand the pure talent and outright necessity of this Mr. Koji Kondo.
After all, what would these games be without him?

Before you turn up your nose in a hissy-fit of Classical Purist Snobbery, I beseech
any and all who read this to take some time and explore this man's breathtaking themes
and diverse array of utterly memorable VG melodies.

Koji Kondo is peerless, and will most certainly gain the
'serious music crowd' respect he deserves as time goes on.

So dust off your kid's N64, pop in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and lose yourself in
the magic of the music -- it's somewhere out there between Lon Lon Ranch and Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

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