Concerts: 25+ Years Of Mayhem

This is an Absolutely MASSIVE undertaking.
The only thing I know for sure is where to start.
My first concerts could all be all categorized as "Events". (The Seventies).
The shows were HUGE, and one of our parents would drive all us kids down there, and then pick us up later.

This all changed the older I got. Soon it was all us guys and gals packing into whoever's car, and driving down a treacherous 35-mile long mountain road with a 1,000 foot drop on one side. (The Early Eighties).

That era was followed by life back in the big city, with drunken excursions, mosh pits, hole-in-the-wall smoke-filled clubs and God only knows what else. (the Late 80's)

These last two will be very difficult to recall in much detail, so the reviews will become shorter.

The 90's were very similar to the late 80's but with more Epic Road Trips involved.
These days; is rare, but not unheard of for me to be out doing the concert/ gig circuit.
The family is #1 now, but there are still adventures awaiting.

I hope you enjoy reading about these experiences. I only wish I had the sense to take more pictures, more notes, and I really wish I had tried to keep some of the shirts and memoribilia I had acquired over the years.
These accounts are 100% for REAL, and if by chance you attended any of these shows, please share your story.


PART I: The Seventies

I am now going to skip ahead, to my most recent show. I will then begin to fill in the middle, like a giant, psychotic sandwich.

For now, the "Middle" will consist of this:


Most Recent:

PART V: The Third Millenium, AD

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