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Here are 3 killer fonts...
They are used throughout the site.
From a design standpoint, the site is lo-tech, old school and primitive, but these fonts make the site look AT LEAST 7-8 times better.
If you already have them, your evil, disobedient computer will let you know.
The fonts contain no viruses or anything else that will injure you or your 'Sacred Machine'.

Papyrus Font
Right click, 'Save Target As', and put it under Windows/ Fonts.

Shelldon Font
Right click, 'Save Target As', save the file to Windows/ Fonts

Incantation Font
This is a .zip file. Right click, 'Save Target As', then extract the file to Windows/ Fonts

All three will change the appearance of their above names when installed correctly.
(or if you already have them) - Email me if you have a problem.
Need WinZip? Click here
These are the 'raddest' fonts ever - It is way worth the small effort.

No Frames Version

~Beware of The Mech-Tick and Fancy Flash Devices~

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