The main problem with describing Skinny Puppy is

a. The amount of deep musical psychosis involved here.
b. The level of harsh intensity and experimentation found within their material.

Not that these are such bad things, especially when it comes to music;
However this band has often DisPlayEd moments of pure, unadulterated sonic insanity.
This makes it rather difficult to convicingly portray them in a simple written overview.

They have been described by some as:

Dance Music for Cadavers

All of these designations can be analyzed, debated and then over-analyzed ad nauseum,
however I unwaveringly and categorically decline to engage in such futile propositions.
I will begin by throwing out a few titles and we shall see what materializes.

Worlock from the superb Rabies is a charming little piece of lovliness
concerning Charles Manson and his power over his subservient brainwashed followers,
with samples from The Beatles' Helter Skelter added for emphasis.

Then there's the fluffy and cuddly Shore-Lined Poison from the incredible release Too Dark Park
...which deals with man's toxic abuse of the planet in an intense, surreal and obliquely terrifying way.
This is the sort of unsettling subject matter to be expected from cEVIN, Dwayne (RIP), oGRE and brethren...

Photo by Mikala Folb/BackstageRider.com

I hope you are getting the idea here

This band has been a major influence on many of the 'cutting edge' artists of the last 2 decades or so.
Without The Pup, there would certainly be no Nine Inch Nails, at least not the way we know them to be.
Skinny Puppy's bite of influence has also infected countless others, including
KMFDM, Bamboo Crisis, STG, Ministry, etc.

Way back in Feb. 1990, the dude writing this shit to you engaged in some twisted fellowship
in the form of Ministry at the historic Hollywood Palladium.
This was a tour which featured our very own Sir oGRE, and what a
fucking 'Hootenanny' that was...chain link fence, cowboy hats and all, me droogies.

Which brings us to the subject of the absolute swarm of projects SP members have been involved in.
This Cadre is like the music world's most Diseased Family Tree.
While updating my Killing Joke Feature, I discovered this superb page of Pigface Members.
Not all of the links work, (lazy FUCKS) but at least it provides the names:

I have been reading about this 2000 reunion show in Germany which happened.
There are a couple of good linked images for that down below.

As for my own SP live experience, I was in attendance for another Hollywood hell of a ruckus in 1986,
when SP were touring the States with Severed Heads.
A Musical MINDFUCK that was indeed; a game changer for yours truly.
That, and the above-mentioned Ministry performance
will eventually be covered in more detail within my Concerts section.

There are several comprehensive sites on the web for Latest SP News,
so I will make good use of their hard work.

Skinny Puppy Links and Resources

For current happenings, and Skinny Puppy news dating back several years:

The Official Site

An Awesome Resource
(archived OLD SITE HERE)

The Ultimate SP Site

A Tale of Mid-period Turmoil
and Untimely Death

A Few Recommended Recordings:
1. Bites
2. Rabies (Archived SSMT Review)
3. Too Dark Park (A Masterpiece - click the title)

(click for a solid review)

Here are images of The Pup Live at their reunion show; Dresden, Germany 2000:

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