Here we have Lord Zippy Blaine:
~The Duke of the Delridge~
Splatter-meister Supreme 'In Demand' kinda guy.

Tangento: Hey Blaine, great to see you back in action again

Shit let me tell ya. It’s Sunday morning we fell back that hour I got up at my 
usual get up and go to work time. I just couldn’t sleep. So here I am at 5:30 
on a Sunday morning while the rest of the family sleeps soundly with the 
exception of mr. Rub the cat. Cup of coffee in one hand and at least one of 
my other vices close to my other hand.

Well, let's start with the obvious. The Accused are back! 
What caused the sudden resurgence and re-grouping of Martha & her boys?

Call it my boyhood dream. My personal desire for Tom, Alex and myself to 
make music for one more time. Take all of our differences, bad blood, 
negative feelings and all of that interpersonal crap and stuff it in the closet 
with the rest of the skeletons. And to quote Collin from GBH in a 
recent interview in Mass Movement... what does punk mean to you? 
"It is life".

What is the current lineup? ...looks like we have a new drummer here.

Tom on guitar..sorry Tom but the Tommy business is just a little weird to
me …Alex on the bass guitar…Blaine on the vocal duties…and good old friend 
Steve “o-ring” Nelson on the drums. A chance meeting reunited us with Steve, 
who played drums with us back in like 88 or 89. He recorded the “studio” side 
of Hymns for the Deranged and toured with us on the “splattered straight” tour 
that we did with brotherhood. 
There have been some who have said that this was the best they’d seen us play.

There is an Accused show coming up on Nov. 8th 2003 at Studio 7 in Seattle, 
and a brand new website. Other than that, tell us the plans...
Album, tour, diseases, scandals,...?

We’ve been working on this dvd project since may. We methodically went through 
25 live shows that we have on vhs. Did a little time coding. 
Tried to pick the best from the show. Then we spent another 40 hours or so editing 
all that material down into two hours. With a few meaty scraps tossed in there. 
Thanks to Mike Vraney at Something Weird Video ..and this is just volume one.
Our good friend Todd ‘’thermo” Ferkingstadt took the old archives cassette and with 
the help of his “house of thermo” studio, did all he could to make that thing sound a 
little bit cleaner for this digital age. So that old 38 song archives cassette that we sold 
on our first full US tours will now be on cd… 

Those are the two big things we are working on now.

We are going to approach Sony who now owns the rights to our first three releases. 
To see if they have any interest in reissuing the material. Shitty contracts back in the 
day have our hands tied. I hope that we can put together a new recording…
Volume Two of the Martha Splatterhead comic book... any artists out there reading this???
If you want to draw a story for the comic contact us…no real plans for a tour. 
I’m not about to just hop in the van..who knows if we get approached with something 
really tasty we might bite…just some local shows for now..
possibly hitting up the bay area in the spring...

(The Inherent Redundancies of email interviews on display here:)

What about getting some of the older albums re-released? 
I have had run-ins with quite a few ravenous Splatter-maniacs foaming at the mouth and 
looking for Revenge of Martha and Open Casket. Some threatened violence.

I guess I should be reading ahead..that’s up to Sony. A few years back I was talking with 
Relapse Records about reissuing the stuff. They contacted Sony who wanted $5,000 a song 
to purchase the rights that’s like $50 or $60 thousand for each record!
..crazy crazy shit…

Check it out: I just did a search for Open Casket, and Yahoo came up with 
ONE seller... and it's going for $145 fucking dollars!! haha! 
That should at least be going into *your* pockets, Blaine!!

No shit! Back then those stingy fuckers only gave the band like six copies of each...
getting them to do the cds was like cutting off your foot. That’s when cds were the 
new technology. Remember those fancy long boxes? 
I wish I was sitting on a stack of those.

Tell us a bit about the Black Nasty. You sent me a copy or two, and it was DY-NO-MITE

We had the black nasty going about ten years ago... man how the time just flies…
we played a bit locally. Never really able to make a splash. 
That grunge kind of shit was domintating this town.
 And after awhile it just seemed like it was time to call it a day...

T: Will your other band, The Fartz continue to exist?

I’ll attach the little note I sent out when bass player/ lyric writer/original member just up 
& quit on us…we were like that car racing down the hiway and he just kind of stepped off...

T: Briefly, what happened with the Accused & Nastymix?

Nastymix ran into some real financial problems at about the same time the Accused 
were running into lots of personal problems... and that was that. 
Not that I don’t mind bringing up the past. At this point the healthy thing for 
the Accused to do is to move forward.

T: What is the current 'label situation' with The Accused?

We need the material together first. Then we’ll solicit our shit…it’s just too early to say.

T: Do you think it's fair for people to file-share out of print albums like some of yours?

Yeah fuck why not.i think I’ve even seen a sight that is nothing more than album/cd covers 
for your printing enjoyment..this is a different world…lots moves faster. 
Everything is right at your finger tips...

T: Throngs of people demand to know: what has Blaine been listening to in the car these days?

Well back in mid may my old 62 Falcon busted a leaf spring so I was borrowing my mom's 
boss 82’ El Camino. That first night a couple of hooligans made there way down my 
driveway and literally ripped the stereos out of both cars. Mother fuckers…lucky for me 
mom's is a good sport…so if this was last may.. I was listening to Jimi Hendrix 
Axis Bold as Love.. I really like that song the Burning of the Midnight Lamp. 
A comp cd Tom made for my 40th b-day, and I think something from Nile….

Have you ever had to fight off the urge to whittle a thick branch of ironwood down to a 
perfect point, and then proceed to pound it into a hogwash-spewing radio or a 
Television screen plastered with MTV imagery via the use of a very large mallet if in the act of savagely dispatching a Vampire? ...I have.

Yeah well fuck that teeny bopper 16 magazine teen beat mtv pooplah…
I do admit to tuning into the new headbangers ball...

T: Please tell us more about the upcoming Accused DVD.

There is some disturbing intoxicating footage of me and Tom and a few other fellows. 
Those clips are worth the price of admission alone. Volume Two will have stuff from 
our European tours and the TV news story about the “ferry riot” that happened after the GBH show...

I have always been on record as a huge fan of former Accused drummer, Josh Sinder. 
Are you guys in touch? Are the Hot Rod Lunatics still kicking around?

I’m not in touch with Josh. We were only close for a short period of time..
Tom and Alex spent more time with him in Grunttruck..anything I could say about 
him would be just slinging mud. There’s no need for that. He is one fucking kick ass 
drummer…the best I’ve ever had the chance to play with or ever will play with. 
If he would have made some different decisions..
who knows what would have happened to the Accused.

T: Where's my FUCKING FOUR BUCKS!!??

shhhhh…that was supposed to be our little secret…I got a real hard time belting out those lyrics.

T: I LOST the Accused painter's hat I bought in Berkeley '91. Will there be more?

B: How’s about a regular old baseball cap???

T: Hey dude, thanks for all the time, I know you're busy as hell these days.
Best of luck on the new Accused shit, and hope to see you guys hit Minnesota before it gets too fucking COLD!

It’s just too early in the game to foresee the future…if you don’t see me in person at least ya’ got yer tv. 
Cheers…..go to our website..

(and thanks for the sick pic, Blaine)

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