This is where you will find my exclusive interviews with ultra-high profile artists
who are literally 'breaking down the door' to do some Q's & A's with yours truly.

This first one is with:
Scott Ian

...Founding Guitarist of both
Thrash innovators Anthrax...
and Hardcore /Metal Crossover Legends S.O.D.: The Stormtroopers of Death.

The interview was originally intended to shed light on the recent breakup of SOD,
however Scott declined to comment on this particular subject.
I have posted links below my S.O.D. feature -
CLICK HERE: Punk/ Hardcore
...for adequate info on this unfortunate matter.
This interview was conducted via E-mail between June 8th and 17, 2002:

::Click Scott to read the Interview::

Next up, we have the Mysterious Entity known as
Father Fudd Melms:
The Mastermind behind

Click the "Congregation" to read.

This insightful interview was conducted via email between November 25-27, 2002

Next up, we have the irrepressible
Great Kat

This one was also conducted via my 'patented' Email Inquiry System
- between February 28th and March 4th, 2003.
Click the High Priestess of Havoc to read the combo Feature and Interview

And now it's time for:
10 Questions With Jason Newsted

The Former Metallica and current Voivod Bassist sheds a bit of light on his current doings.
Click him to read this email interview conducted between March 4th and 6th, 2003
(Special thanks to Steve at The Chophouse )

Another timely Halloween-esque addition to the site:

~Acclaimed lead singer of The Accüsed, The Black Nasty and The Fartz~
Over two years in the making, yes it's
Blaine Cook!
Actually, that's not Blaine up there... it's Ms. Martha.
Blaine discusses the recent Accüsed reunion, and much more.
Conducted in late October, 2003

Next up, we have one-half of the duo known to a lucky few as

This gentleman actually found my feature on his old project, and then contacted me.
This interview is the result of our correspondence:

Andy Stennett

(as far as I know, this is NOT Andy)

Conducted between November 2004 and April 2005


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