The next generation of electrono-loopy breakdown on the Mental Highway.
To begin, I am going to cautiously mention Severed Heads, for a fair chunk of FUDD's material
navigates some of the roads layed down by Mr. Ellard and his 'Cohorts', especially during the earlier years.
Yes, there are similarities, however there is plenty of new ground broken.

As FUDD travels these roads, he is not simply gliding over the blacktop;
he is digging up the pavement as he goes, cutting yet deeper into the profound nature of the human psyche.

Litter lines this road; the litter of a thousand forgotten musical ditties & snippets of broadcast,
and this new road is ultimately and vastly strewn with aural detritus of unknown origin.
This seamless patchwork of sonic stimuli leaves a lasting impression on the listener;
this stuff will be bouncing around in your head for days after hearing it.

There is a certain beauty present here and there, but it is often so deeply woven into the nightmare
that one possibly ends up with conflicting cathartic signals from the brain.

Fear not, for the final result is a positive one;
the imagination is triggered and then challenged, time and again.

Nostalgia and horror blend well, my friends.

'It's Me'

'The Ethel Merman-Thing'
...a prime example, can be heard circumambulating a couple of the
turnouts and 'unrest areas' of the Old Melms Highway.

In the overall sense, Amphibifudd's music is presented in a manner that will
confound, enchant and disturb, endlessly and thoroughly.
From the cover art, to the song titles, to the music itself; this is a complete package.
Fans of artists like The Residents, Negativeland and the like will certainly find what they 'need' from FUDD.

A collaborator in this realm, the Oft-mentioned Franke', is a multi-intrumentalist whirlwind
...and has been rumoured to have a project in the works with none other than me, Tangento.

It would be no great shock if these 3:
FUDD, Frank and I
eventually got together for a Musical Multi-Dimensional Disturbance Project.
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Father Fudd Melms, the FUDD Founder and Chief Instigator,
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