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May 2007:

After nearly 4 years, we finally have a new featured MP3.
This time around, it's our good friend


It might not even be possible to prepare yourself for what is about to occur.

Yes indeed, this is:

Lollypop Guild Gang Bang

This troublesome track is to be found on the upcoming 'FUDD release

Memiors 3
(working title, image pending)

You will be reading plenty more about this whole 'thing'
here and around the site in the coming weeks.

April 2003:

Klaatu's Little Neutrino

A cosmic and engagingly bizarre track, narrated by the smallest of all things...
Klaatu displays serious imagination and originality here.
Klaatu's use of a string ensemble is one of the many reasons they
were at one time rumored to be The Beatles, incognito.
Read more on this interesting subject HERE

May 2003:

Here we (had) 3 tracks from

The 5uu's
(Click for their feature)

This is as highly recommended as music can get around here;
simply put, these guys are an all-time Top 5 band.

First, we (had) a superb vintage track:

(The Birth of) Magic, Dogma and Faith


Bel Marduk and Tiamat (1985)

(click to read & purchase)

Next up (still is) this confounded thing:


...a song which had been looping endlessly either on my stereo
OR within the confines of my poor brain for the last month and a half.
Non-Stop, mind you.
A personal ALL-TIME Top 10 piece of music.

Slightly less dark, but equally as engaging (was) track 3:

Traveler Waits for No One

...which features some very nice vocals by Suzanne Lewis.

The last two are from 1994's:

Hunger's Teeth
(Click to purchase)

June 2003:

This month, we (had) ultimate testimony to the POWER of true progressive rock music.

Soon after Peter Gabriel left Genesis, many began to speculate about the band's rapid demise.
This monstrous and intense track alone proved quite the opposite to be the case;
Here we (had) the world's first exposure to Genesis reborn, with Phil Collins on lead vocals:
From 1976's

(click to purchase)

Trick of the Tail

Dance On A Volcano

July 2003:

We now venture(d) back into the odd realms of 'Kerman-Ville' -
(see archives above, under May 2003)
...for another Rock In Opposition classic.

Thinking Plague

is a heavily experimental band that 5uu's percussionist Dave Kerman hooked up with in 1998.
Together, they unleashed the brilliant album:
In Extremis

(Click for reviews)

This particular track is an obvious nod to the distinct style of mid-era YES
- but creates entirely new boundaries, in my opinion.
Decide for yourself, Prog-Freaks:

This Weird Wind

To purchase this and other selected titles from
Thinking Plague and Dave Kerman:



August/ September 2003:

Adding two major tracks to get caught up here:

First up we (had) a rollicking, mechanized thrasher from
German electronic/ industrial pioneers Die Krupps
This is a somewhat rare remix of the brutal and innovative...


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support this site!

Next up (was) a brilliant, cosmic and mesmerizing hunk of
Progressive Majesty from former Steve Hackett keyboard whiz

Nick Magnus

The track is an edit of a much longer piece entitled:

Inhaling Green

This particular version (was) an exclusive re-configuration of some select movements,
courtesy of my partner in crime and Eartopsy mastermind Frank 'the BadMoodGuy'

To purchase Nick's amazing album, click the cover below.

October/ November 2003:

For this round, (we had) a Triple Threat...

First up - to coincide with the
(ongoing) Hardcore/ Punk section update:

The Kings of Beer-Core themselves

yes it's FEAR

from their 2000 Release:


Next up, it (was) the indisputable
King of Shock Rock himself

Alice Cooper

and one of his all-time greats
from the album

School's Out

Gutter Cat vs. The Jets + Street Fight

Last, (was) a very nice bit of deep,
consuming atmospheric euphony
from Severed Heads


From the album

(Gigapus w/ extra tracks)

(click the album covers to buy & help support

December 2003:

This month, a bittersweet bit of Holiday cheer and reflection:

Stan Ridgway, former frontman of Wall of Voodoo (and many solo projects) has 
collaborated with his partner, Pietra Wexstun 
on an ambience-oriented set for use as the background music for 
twisted surrealist artist Mark Ryden's latest exhibit known as 
Blood - Miniature Paintings of Sorrow and Fear

Stan & Pietra have created a very unique album here, which I highly recommend.
This has already become one of my favorite works by Ridgway, 
and instills in me the desire to seek more from Wexstun. 
The compositions are a perfect fit for Ryden's sinister whimsy, 
yet the album stands alone as a stunning 
piece of dense and mesmerizing ambient music.
Also, the CD jacket (created by Ryden) is of impeccable quality, 
and is very disturbing & unusual in and of itself.

This CD is limited to 7500 copies, 
so click the image above to get yours today.

This month's Ridgway/ Wexstun selection is entitled

Baptism of Jajo


May-July 2004:

Here, we (had) an enchanting little chunk of oddness from

Squirrel Nut Zippers

The Kraken

From the album

Perennial Favorites
(click for info)

August - October 2004:

Here is a tribute to the late, GREAT

February 10, 1929 - July 21, 2004

Jerry Goldsmith

Wanna See A Trick?


(soundtrack currently unavailable)

November, 2004:

To coincide with the Grand Opening of the NEW Renaldo and The Loaf Feature,
here are two (additional) RatL tracks to tickle your Weirdness bone:

Extracting the Re-Re


The Elbow Is Taboo

Then we have the extremely rare

Then At Iona Lanthem


Olleh Olleh Rotcod

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