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August 2012:

I HAVE RETURNED! It's been over FIVE years, so let's get to it:

Today, we shall reflect back on what was easily one of the finest releases of 2010.

In all of their Kabuki Kung Fu glory, here is

Shaolin Death Squad

...with their (mosty) instrumental and (entirely) kick-ass track:

Mischief and Epiphany

An External Album Review

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Picnic Boy

Perfect Love

8 1/4

Carousel MIDI

Surfing Samba


Two one-minute gems
from The Residents

A mighty tasty bit of
Guitar work

From a dedicated
Mr. Bungle fan

John Zorn
Gets Gnarly

Live intensity from
Steve Hackett

Wall of Voodoo

Written for an album that never was:

Funzone (Live)
Enjoy the zany vocal stylings of Stan Ridgway, folks

RARE! Was only available on the cassette version of Call of the West

Here is yet another rare track from Wall of Voodoo:
A rousing live rendition of:

For more WoV MP3s, always check the
Fan Club Page and Weirdness 10

Adept Chamber of
the Magian Tavern

Leery Looks
(from Father's Books)

No Hope For Relief
(Close Insight)

M Is For Martha

Rape, Carve, Smoke

Puppet Master

Trippy stuff from
Secret Chiefs 3

PURE Weirdness from
Renaldo & the Loaf

Two scorchers from
The Accüsed

More unadulterated havoc
from Old Lady Drivers

Outstanding film music
from Richard Band

One of the most consistently superior bands of the last two decades has been


...with their brutal hybrid of hardcore and technical/ jazz/ progressive insanity.
Here is an instrumental which, with a bit of imagination,
could easily be mistaken for a long-lost collaboration between
'Blower Bass Blacky' of Voivod and Devo -




Lovers ~ Two Bodies
In A Space Version

A Medley

Journey Through
the Intestines

Creepy shit from
Mighty Sphincter

"Ah one, Ah two..."
Some AH
Lawrence Welk
for YOU

Phantasmagoric Environs
from Nightmare Lodge

Some choice
'Proggy' moments

Mystic Knights of the
Oingo Boingo


If you are not familiar;
Please CLICK HERE and read up.
Ensure that you are mentally prepared
for the profound probing of your Psyche that follows here.

A Million Angels

From Since the Accident - 1983:

An excerpt from:
El Salon Mexico

Ernesto Lecuona's
The Breeze and I


Lose yourself
in the genius of
Aaron Copland

Buy it

A raucous and inspiring
version from:
Ferrante and Teicher

A very odd, very addictive
track from the

Scratch Acid

Here we have a Seedy little number
about a Less than Respectable character...

The murderin' man,
Crazy Dan

From: Greatest Gift

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