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Solar Ballet Poster Art

1. Solar Ballet - 11 Track CD
2. In Depth - 18 Track CD

Each disc is $12.00 U.S. (+ Shipping if outside the U.S.)

Members - 1
Member - Andreas Bader
Soulseek Username - DV8JUSTFORTHEHELLOFIT!!!
Media - Music, Graphic Art
Bio - Born in Bremerhaven, Germany. Raised by goats and later by a family of salamanders.
Music Description - twisted beats, odd samples, with a dark flare.
A fusion of aural experience ...sometimes friendly sometimes not
Influences - Severed Heads, Orb, Mindware, Hiv Positiv, Clock DVA, Throbbing Gristle,
Solitary Experiments, Venetian Snares; as well as - dark ambient, early disco and christian hymns
Tools of the Trade - I'm using cool edit pro, pc drummer pro,
reason 2, cubase, and any thing I can find to make sounds tweek
...like rocks, cans, wires and neighborhood cats

bLEeQ Music Samples

From Solar Ballet:

1. tHE beLL

2. i aM GoD

3. FuTUrE WhALes LEarN mORSe cODe

4. FuCk oFF
(Temporarily Unavailable)

From In Depth:

1. smOOtH

2. eNDovTiMe

3. e.B.m.

(Please keep in mind, these are only low-fi samples)

Andy's Art

(click for larger versions)

CD Covers

Solar Ballet cover art

In Depth cover art

Andy's Intense Graphic Art

It just so happens that Andy is also the CD Cover Artist involved in the KILLER
Tangento Psych Music Sampler 2-CD Compilation set.
Here is a small snippet of Disc 1's Greatness:

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