Tangento's Underground

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The Artists


The Underground is a showcase for up-and-coming bands and do-it-yourself musicians.
There are a few criteria & guidelines that potential Underground artists must meet:

1. The band or musician must be unsigned with no releases in wide distribution

2. The music you make must have an EDGE; i.e. a unique approach and something NEW to add to the world of music

3. No copycats, clones, plagarists or ripoffs allowed

4. An MP3.com (or similar) site to link to is fine; it saves me space - linked band websites must provide music samples - OR:

5. If you have no samples of your music online, send me less than 2 MB worth; If you need help with this, email me

6. You must be prepared to distribute your music to people who wish to buy it

7. If you are a graphic artist, illustrator, painter, etc. - I will gladly showcase your artwork

8. You must provide a bio and a fairly brief description of your work, including influences, tools of the trade, and location

9. NEVER attempt to get me in any legal/ copyright trouble. If you want your stuff back, tell me to remove it

10. Spread the word

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