Welcome to the Dark and Macabre World; to the Ectoplasmic Freak Show of:

The Mighty Sphincter

A band who epitomizes (and possibly originated) Mid 1980's Spook-Core
Are there any of you left out there?

Heresy & hearsay allows that founding guitarist/ vocalist
Doug Clark has been spotted in or near New Orleans.
It is said that he is seen wandering about, lamenting the new City of the Dead.

PROOF? Proof:


Here is a rare track from the 'Phoenix' compilation pictured below:

( Temple Dogs - 224 kbps Mp3 - 3.6MB )

An additional ghastly sampling of Mighty Sphincter: can be found on the
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The Mighty Sphincter Gallery:

Mighty Spectre
and view the Horrid Display

(most are quite rare)

1. Ghost Walking/ Waltz In Hell E.P.
2. The New Manson Family
3. In the Kingdom Of Heaven
4. The Holy Unholy
5. R.I.P. New Orleans (BUY: linked image below)

Ghost Walking/ Waltz and The New Manson Family
HAD been re-released on CD, but are long gone.

HERE was the Cover Art:

In order to retrieve such rarities, one must wander through places like:

Mighty Sphincter at GEMM

Mighty Sphincter at MusicStack

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