The EYES have it.
They don't really come any stranger than The Residents.
This is a necessary dose of PURE Musical and Visual WEIRDNESS.
These are the ones to go to for your fix of Odd, Deranged, Psychotic & Totally Off-The Wall Musical Behavior.

~ Sometimes dark, sometimes innocent, sometimes beautiful beyond description
~ Sometimes downright abrasive, completely devoid of tangible melody, and fully irritating.

You just have to love these guys.
And so much material to discover!
The Residents have a long and fascinating history, dating back to the early seventies.
There are some outstanding books available from the links on the next page.
I highly recommend any of these, as they will give you a great insight into "the World's Most Famous Unknown Band".
Infact, HERE. Take a peek.

One of their releases,"Goosebump", is entirely made up of songs which are performed on instruments purchased at Toys 'R' Us.
Another, "The Commercial Album", consists of 40 songs, each of which is Exactly One Minute Long.
Two of these can be found right here, on my Downloads Page.

The bottom line is that if you are ever faced with the opportunity to see these freaks live, DO NOT PASS IT UP.
There is nothing you have ever seen that compares to this inventive, outlandish and quite mischievous spectacle of Theatrical Insanity.

I was very fortunate to have witnessed the
13th Anniversary Show/ Tour in Hollywood, CA at the Palace Theater, 26-Dec-85.
It was a fateful night indeed, however; 'twas the night that everything went BLACK and one of the EYEballs was Purloined by Shifty Bandits.
From that night on, one of them wore a HUGE BLACK SKULL in place of the EYEball. For more on this event, click this little black skull:

One of the great moments was when Snakefinger appeared on the stage to jam some abnormal riffage with his old pals.
It wasn't long after that he left us forever.

Philip Charles Lithman ~ June 17, 1949 - July 1, 1987
R.I.P., oh Smelly-Toungued One
::CLICK:: Him

A Few Recommended Titles:

1. Duck Stab/ Buster and Glen
2.Residue of the Residents
3.Freak Show (pictured, next page)
(Also available is an AWESOME CD ROM "Game" inspired by this lunacy entitled "Bad Day At The Midway")
4.The American Composer Series: Hank Williams & John Phillip Soussa
(Stars and Hank Forever)

5. Many, Many More... go see their phenomenal "Official-Unofficial" site from the next page.

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