Scott Ian Interview

Hello, Scott, how's that flu goin? Captain Trips'll get ya every time...
M-O-O-N, that spells... (sorry)

Scott: I'm better, thanks.

Tangento: What can we expect to hear on the new Anthrax release;
So far, I have read "Sonically Crushing". Can you ellaborate a bit? Will there be any style changes or new influences to speak of?

Scott: It's creatively a more consistent record.
Maybe a combination of Among The Living and Volume 8.

T: I just want to say that I'm glad you kept the name, and the whole issue was handled with class.

Scott: It really wasn't our decision. If someone kept throwing anthrax around it wouldn't have mattered if we kept the name or not.

T: How about a tentative release date?

Scott: First week of October.

T: There have been some "unmentionable" events recently concerning a certain side project of yours.
Does this mean the end of side projects for you, Scott?

Scott: No.

T: People love to know what a guy like Scott Ian listens to in his car.
Any current favorites?

Scott: Dimmu Borgir, Superjoint, Iron Maiden re-masters.

T: How about a couple discs you would angrily toss out the window into the Hudson, launching a loogie as punctuation.
Also, have you ever considered jamming the business end of a crowbar into the faceplate of an FM-only car radio? ...I have.

Scott: That's why I don't listen to the radio.
I'd go trade in the shit CD's for something I want.

T: Do you feel that "Thrash" Metal is making a comeback,
with bands like Kreator, Destruction, Sodom and many others unleashing such strong new releases?

Scott: No. Thrash was never somewhere big enough to make a comeback to. It should always be underground.

T: MTV has just shitcanned yet another Metal-Oriented program, this time an entire channel.
("MTV X", replaced by "MTV Jams"; Yet another Hip-Hop-oriented program/ channel)
...Knowing that you have worked with "The MTV Conglomeration" in the past, any opinions on this?

Scott: It's a business. They do what they do to make as much money as possible. That's all.
If playing Slayer and Celtic Frost brought in advertising money, they would.

T:. Whatta ya say we cut the bullshit and get you back hosting "The Rock Show".
What can we as fans DO, Mr. ScottNot?

Scott: Buy Viacom.

T: Have you caught MuchMusic's "Loud" yet?
I tuned in one night to see GWAR introduce Voivod and Black Flag vids, among others.
Now THAT was a step in the right direction.

Scott: Good. I hope it lasts.

T: Many people who viewed "Behind The Music: Anthrax" on VH1 (an excellent episode)
complained that there was no mention of S.O.D.
Was this intentional or can we just blame the editors?

Scott: It was a Gov't conspiracy at the highest level.

T: Scott, I can't thank you enough for your time.
Good luck with the new Anthrax CD.
Let's hope it goes Platinum and sets in motion a whole new realm of exposure for Metal on T.V. and Radio.
...Or if it just sells a shitload, that will be cool too.

Scott: Thanks.

This interview was conducted via E-mail between June 8th and 17, 2002

Thoughts after the fact:

I thought it was very cool of Scott to partake, but I was let down by his lack of yacks for my Stephen King references at the beginning of the interview.
Other than that, I thought it went well.

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