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This is what you might call My Top Dog.

Trite, earthly languages such as english do not contain the necessary descriptives for a proper overview, however...


...communicates in just the required tongue.

If you have been SUCKED this deep down into the Musical Maelstrom of this website, then you should fit neatly into one of two categories:

__(a) YOU have HEARD Severed Heads
__(b) Your BRAIN must now be FORMATTED

Now, if __(b) applies to your deprived, paltry little pseudo-existence, then you had better HAUL your poor, mangey, musically-challenged ASS over to some of the linked websites below and proceed onward to your
One-Way Travel Package.

This brings us to my Low-Down on SevCom:

    This gentleman and his many collaborators work in a different realm; on a completely seperate level of existence from you or I, or anyone else in my directories. "Hyberbole" you say? BALDERDASH!! You see, these are not just musicians we are dealing with here. They are more like Cryptic Manipulators of Sound and Media. The "music" of Severed Heads is constructed, culled and assembled from an endless array of widely varying sources & resources, including nostalgic snippets, found sounds, and other sonic treachery.

Here is a preliminary test of YOUR ability to comprehend:

Severed Heads - A Million Angels
From Since the Accident
(MP3 - 3.57 MB - Right-click/ 'Save Target As')

    This arcane material is then subjected to mischievous tamperings, twisted treatments and generally bad musical behaviour. (the earlier recordings are especially culpable here) Then of course, the other elements; here you've got your synths, loops, samples, beats, electrono-dabblings and Lord knows whatever else. For a bit of opinionating in regard to the outcome of all this, I'll say that while many have attempted this 'sort of thing' over the years, with some succeeding on various levels, NO ONE anywhere ever has achieved such transcendent results from this particular world's multifarious plethora quite like OUR *Severed Heads.

    The actual end SEVCOM product can range all the way from Dance/ Trance/ Electronic beat-oriented ditties, otherworldly collages and melodic conflagrations, all the way over to eerie soundscapes -- some of which are just blotto with obscure samplings, and which often give way to multi-layered, ever-morphing, quasi-musical Mindfucks.

So DIVE RIGHT IN! The Water is Ripe.


~This material will evoke a variety of responses from its listeners: the music and associated sounds seem to be able to transport us to stark, profound places within our own minds. They even seem to have the ability to manipulate the the very emotions and thought processes of those who partake. (especially when one "partakes" while driving very late at night in the middle of fucking NOWHERE)

YOU - NOW - must listen to Tom's generous library of free audio samples at -- and please, listen to a good cross-section, and listen well ; you certainly cannot attempt to pigeonhole the music of Severed Heads by casually listening to 1 or 2 tracks from one or two albums.

* although there is MUCH to be said for our very own AMPHIBIFUDD

Highly Recommended Albums:

1. Bad Mood Guy (Pictured; Old and New Covers):


2. Clifford, Darling, Please Don't Live In The Past

3. Cuisine (with Piscatorial) (Click for Review)

4. Gigapus (Pictured Down Below)

5. City Slab Horror (an all-time Top 5 album: click it)

6.Come Visit The Big Bigot
(Click for 2010 Ellard Commentary)

7. Haul Ass

8. OP


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