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Peter Gaulke, weirdness, Brother Theodore, M.C. Escher, the 'Burbs, Monty Python, Flying Circus, Albert Brooks, Lost in America, mullets, Stephen King, The Talisman, The Black House, Coney Island History, Jeff Gaither Graphix
Mark Ryden, Stanislaw Kors, weird art, scary places, abandoned missle silo, cosmos, orion nebula, galaxies, black holes, Steven Hawking, urban exploration, industrial archaeology, Las Vegas History, Zippy The Pinhead, Soap Plant,
Wacko, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Andy Kaufman, Salvador Dali, Weird Al Yankovic, Michael Jackson's nose, Cool and Strange Music, Yucca Tree, Dr. Bellows, Hall of Douchebags, Banana Splits, Frank's Vinyl Museum, The Residents,
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