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May 2007

There are currently 15 Pages of Bizarre and/ or Disturbing Images. A Gallery in itself.
(Most of) The images are individual portals into Unfathomable Worlds Of Weirdness.
There are currently 172 Unique links, most of which can take you
deeper into an exponential number of even stranger places.
The possibilities are endless.

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As to the content:

This site links only to webpages which I have determined to be Weird, but not overly Offensive.
If you had to give it a "Rating", it would be "R" at worst.
Keep in mind, once you have wandered more than one page deep from this site, anything can happen.
I am no "prissy boy", but there is no shortage of the truly sick shit out there, and I do not consider it my job to promote it.

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Weirdness Of The World:

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