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A themed page featuring art and music on the fringes -
and inspired by the crazed and glorious world
that once resided in the American West.

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These first two Wall of Voodoo entries
are fittin' examples of what is yet to come on this page:

Morricone Themes
Call of the West

...Looks like the end 'o the line for this varmint!
One of the last things ol'
Bill Doolin
...did, was git 'imself all shot fulla holes
Read all about Bill & his gang 'o scoundrels at:
Doolin-Dalton Gang

And for a-plenty more - Click these here fellers:

O. C. Seltzer - 'Faro Layout in the Mind Saloon'
A Wild West education courtesy of:
University of Phoenix Online
An outstanding resource

For the next ~portal~ - Click the 'Skidoos':

A beautifully designed site by
Clint Thomsen (archived version)

Clint's Current Ruminations

A frightenin' tale awaits...

Learn about the Fascinatin'
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

We begin with the Silent Westerns at:
...You Guessed it!
The Silent Westerns

A scene from
The Gunfighter
This here is one of the finest Western Film sites around:
Images: In Focus - The Western

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
to You, Gringo!
...For us Die-Hard Fans of the Italian Spaghetti Western
Here is Shobari's Spaghetti Westerns

And More:

The Outstanding
A Fistful of Leone!

I will be roundin' up plenty more like these:
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