"It's a living hell up here. What with the bloody rain,
the bloody loneliness, and that bloody, bloody wind. "

~ Ray Walston (Mad Jack Duncan)
- 'Paint Your Wagon' (1969)

"When I get to heaven tie me to a tree, or I'll begin to roam and soon you know where I will be..."
~ Lee Marvin (Ben Rumson) from the song 'Wandrin' Star'
- 'Paint Your Wagon' (1969)

This is What Is No Longer:
The 'Infamous' Mojave Phone Booth
...this from just a single portion of a huge,
meandering labyrinth of a website known as
Deuce of Clubs
This site is Odd Americana at its finest, and most confusing

To read about the booth itself, click this Map:

This one is more of a hearty 'Book Recommendation' :

Into the Wild
By Jon Krakauer

A tragic, haunting and disturbing yet fully enlightening examination
of the restless and idiosyncratic nature of the Human Spirit.
I could not put this thing down.

Read reviews and buy the book

Forlorn structures; among the few which remain from
The 1964 World's Fair
These are found at one of the grandest of all the websites:
Forgotten New York

When was the last time gasoline flowed here?
From one of the quintessential roadside and night photographers:
(and Tangento's Kindred One)
Troy Paiva
See his glorious website, buy his awesome book:
Lost America

U.S. Highway 50: The Loneliest Road in America
Just one of a vast multitude of the
Penny Postcards
you can find at this incredible
USGenWeb Archives Web Site

^More Penny Postcards^

Bleak, stark, somber and unflinching images from:
Photographer Ken Light
Prepare for another look at the downside of The American Dream

Psychosis runs amok, The Twisted and Profane become the Norm:
The Church of the Subgenius

You may or may not find this guy at:
Daily HaHa.com
Strictly lowbrow waggery here, folks

Funny pictures, animations, cartoons, photos and video

(click the oscillating oculars)

And finally...

Well? YOU figure it out!
Funny signs at Roadtrip America

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