I have placed a few short songs and loops on this Pop-Up Jukebox
to enhance & complete your Weirdness 7 Experience:
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"...yes, mournful is the melody that echoes in their heads..."

I present you "The World's Most Famous Unknown Band"
The Residents
An unreal gallery containing 30 years' worth of history.

- And now, by popular demand -
The 2 most INSANE pages of sheet music ever amalgamated:

Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz
By John Stump



The Tikis are calling to you...
~Listen to the Tikis~
They are saying: 'quash our Heathen curse...'
'proceed to Weirdsville'
"a mind-bending selection of swankadelic sounds
from the hidden caverns of the underground

The most insanely cool record collection on the web.
You even get to hear the stuff!
If this isn't weird, I don't know what is.
Yeah, and be sure not to miss:
(Mohammed) "Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay"
I kid you not.

Are you a VINYL FREAK?

(Weirdness Page 7.1)

This is just as frightening as it is weird.
Strap yourself in, bring your Barf-Bag and your rubber Laugh Suppressant mallet
...because this will be a rough ride:
Rock and Roll Confidential
No Hall Of Fame here, folks: This is the
Hall of Douchebags
You will wish you had never looked at these excruciating Band Promo Shots
but you won't be able not to.

If you didn't like Weird Al, You would not be here
Pay him a visit, will ya?

Cool & Strange Music Magazine
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An example:

(Note: Cool & Strange Online has been left to die - The above links are replacements)

You want weird?

Here you can find...
You Guessed It
Weird Music

Whoa, man. Grooooovy.
This is more Zappa than Partridge, as you will see.
I have somehow managed to create what amounts to a
Small Partridge Family/ Danny Bonaduce Website
on the Frank Zappa Message Board.
Don't ask why or how, just look. Scroll down a bit.
And while you are there, Please Join Up! It is a Weird, fun and Upbeat Place to be.
(with streaming Zappa Radio if you start HERE )

More Zappa Fun

I cannot explain any of this.
4 links. endless insanity.

Ferrante & Teicher say:

There is a great wealth of info on this increasingly popular
niche in the world of recorded music
~Highly Recommended

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