Man, these guys had the best thing going in those early 80's. Wacky, Quirked, Twangy, & Drawlin'.
Voodoo's material dealt with Discomforting Dreams/ Excursions
into a sub-dimensional 50's and 60's Middle-America that may or may not have partially existed -
with a steady dose of B-Movie sensibility AND
Leone/ Morricone
(Now that's MY word, so just BACK OFF, man!)

In all honesty, I cannot think of a band more original, with a sound so uniquely their own.

When it comes down to it, this is the Bottom Line; It was about Character.
This band had it in ultimate abundance.
Enough Character to spread out & transform a thousand run-of-the-mill radio bootlickers and wanna-be weirdos.

Wall of Voodoo were able to create skewed, lucid soundscapes
which placed the listener vicariously:

~ inside old factories
~ out in the middle of crumbling, abandoned highways
~ wandering through modern day ghost towns
~ into the Sordid, Timeless Land of Vegas & back
...and into a wild west long forgotten but still around just the same.

And that is just the music!
As for those Lyrics - man, there has never been a storyteller quite like

Stan Ridgway
Click for a superb article

His voice, his delivery, his mannerisms
...and his knack for relaying the chronicles of the squalid, the seedy, the desperate, and the absurd;
("...I was bitten by a Tse-Tse Fly!!")
Or how about:
("...I know it's ANIMAL DAY, 'cuz my best friend just turned into a frog!")
...they are unmatched and are
~At One With The Universal Flow Of Un-Nature~
~ALL That Is Righteous and In Tune With The Cosmos~ (from the ground up)

Just bring along their first 3 releases*the next time you are planning a long road trip.
Just don't forget to turn off at the first chunk of forgotten old U.S. Highway you see...

You May Never Come Back

WE NEED THESE DUDES BACK! (It HURTS, man it really fucking hurts...)

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