(2-25-03) The Zappa Links and Pics page now has a Pop-up Jukebox and tables! Very Cool.

Also, the Voivod page has been updated with
additional news and links for the new album -
due March 4th:

(2/19/03) 5 More additions to Weirdness 10
bring us into the realm of the Western Films. Plenty of fun!

I have just completed work on the first
Official Tangento's Psych Music Sampler
- which is an unbelievably cool 2-CD compilation.
This thing contains 50 songs worth of Beauty, Brutality and everything in between.
To recieve your own copy, just DONATE $5.00 or more.
You will not be disappointed!

(2-3-03) The infamous ShitList is now 'Completed'.
I am ceasing operations there, and have added what will be the final 2 entries.
I have also updated a few things there and tidied it up.
I feel that my point has been made, and I will focus on
more pertinent sections of the site from now on.

(1-28-03) I done rustled up a whole new theme for Weirdness 10

(1-17-03) I have finally let Weirdness 9 out of its cage
...and I must say, it is quite odd, even by my standards.

Secondly, the Zappa Feature has now become a free-standing entity upon itself.
Please have a look... There has been a great amount work invested into it,
and so far, it has been all me.
I am not sure what ever became of my 'Collaborator' but he is supposed to come up with an FZ Bio. We shall see...

Last, the Downloads Page has grown considerably, and is also pretty fancy-looking of late.
Plenty of goodies there, I tell ya.

(1/04/03) I have been very busy on a collaboration with an ambitious Frank Zappa fan.
My Zappa Feature will soon be in frames of its own,
and will be a self-contained introduction to the life and music of FZ.
The first project is the Ultimate Frank Zappa Discography.
I aim to provide a vast resource of external reviews,
with quality images of all 65+ album covers
(no easy task) and a convenient link to buy each one from Rykodisc's Catalog.
I am about 1/10th of the way done. Wish me luck.

I have just yesterday UPGRADED the site to 200 MB.
What does this mean to you?
A SHITLOAD of DOWNLOADS, that's what.
Keep a close eye on that section of the site,
because there will be plenty of rarities and superlative musical psychosis added regularly.
I have been itching for this kind of freedom.

(12-16) I have returned to work, thank God, so there are fewer updates.
I have added a bunch of new Top 1000 entries, and one of them has 'downloadability'-
Please check out Snakefinger's 8 1/4... you will love it.
Upon entry to this site, you will now find a 'GuestMap'.
Please use it. It shows where we all are in the world.
If you missed it, CLICK HERE and scroll down. Grab the free fonts while you are there.

(12/02) Are we all getting into the ol' Holiday Spirit? Well I can certainly ruin THAT!
It is time for me to enter the realm of 'gulp' ...Holiday Products!!
Click HERE and see what has HAPPENED to the Weirdness Cover Page! You won't believe your eyes!
On a serious note, if you have ever thought about helping out this website,
now would be a very good time.
I have been laid off for a total of 4 Fucking MONTHS this year,
(including now) and the Holidays are coming down HARD on yours truly.
Please do your best to help out, via the Donations Page or my Online Store. Thank You.

The Interview with Amphibifudd is now up:

With the features now sitting pretty, I am now focusing on the Concerts and Interviews.
There is a brand new wild tale to read on the 70's concert section.
As for the Interviews, I have locked one up with Amphibifudd, (will be posted next week) and have already sent one out to Blaine (Fart) Cook of The Accused and The Fartz.
Blaine, where are you?
Other interviews in the works:
Paul Raven of Killing Joke
Stan Ridgway of Wall of Voodoo
Dave Kerman of the 5uu's
The Great KAT
and hopefully Bassist Shane Embury of Napalm Death

(11-15-02) My attentions have finally found their way to the
Killing Joke, Skinny Puppy and GWAR Features
~all saved from disgrace at last.
This marks the first time in the 4-year history of this website that I have been HAPPY with ALL of the features.
They are never finished, but they are ALL now presentable.
By the way, there is BIG news on the Killing Joke feature.

(11-10-02)The Top 1000 is growing steadily... Watch for Weirdness 9 to unfold soon...

(11-4-02) Look for twisted new Art on Weirdness 8 and several new entries on the Top 1000
The Devin Townsend and Steve Vai Features
are the latest to get Spiffed - Please have a look...

(10/24) Added Weirdness 8, which deals mainly with Strange Art. Hope you like it.
By the way, the rest of the Weirdness pages are not necessarily 'done', especially 7.
Always check back.

(10/14) The newest feature, Amphibifudd, demands your attention.
This is a musical experience you will not soon forget.

Well, the site has won another award. Hearty thanks to the folks at Art Space 2000!
Did you know that a Secret Page Lurks Here?
It has been here for over 2 years, but as far as I know, nobody has ever found it.
Well now is the time; For Halloween, I have Spiffed it Up
and if you find it, send an email describing EVERYTHING about it.
You get it, you get a Tangento Compilation CD that will BLOW YOUR Ever-Lovin' MIND!
Hell, I will even post an image and/ or link of your choice ANYWHERE on the site for a month. (or more, if I like it)

(10/11) It has finally arrived
- My Composers Feature -
I have waited far too long and it feels incredibly satisfying to see it actually there.
(10/5) TONS of news:
Added Weirdness 7 with music as the theme. Shocking, huh?
I have opened an Online Store. This is the best way to support the site. The stuff ain't cheap, I don't make much on it, but it is Very COOL, and it is HIGH QUALITY merch. I made sure of this.

More on the store:
If you came in through the front, you saw the new collage. It took 3 years to get to, and 5 hours to make.
I had originally intended to use the collage on many of the items in the store, but I have been informed that this would be infringing on the rights of the artists.
As a result, I have spent the last 2 days on a crusade to gain permission from the 32 Artists featured here.
Here is how things are going:

A list of the UNDERSTANDING and very cool Musicians:
(that have agreed to have their images/ logos/ namesakes used on the collage in the store)

Severed Heads - Many Thanks, Tom
Mighty Sphincter - Thank you, Greg
Devin Townsend - Tracy, you are a class act
Dave Kerman/ 5uu's - Dave, you da MAN! The ShitList LIVES ON!
Killing Joke - Thanks to Paul Raven, interview in the works
Stan Ridgway - Pennies from Heaven, Stan?
Marc Moreland - His Wife and Widow, Frederique is a kind soul. My heart goes out to her.
Destruction - Schmier, you are a legend of thrash, and a gentleman.

And now the "other list":

Fantomas/ Mike Patton/ Mr. Bungle

All I am going to say about list 2 is:
It isn't like I am going to get rich here. I have had a Donations Page up for over 6 months, not one dime has passed through it.

ALL of the Features are undergoing MAJOR renovations and updates.
Please have a look; I have worked hard.

Did you catch the new Flash Intro? It is generically created, but does get the point across.
This rings in the new era of Tangento.net
Please click, and adjust your bookmarks/ favorites.

I Added an in-site search engine; Soupy Sales and Ron Popiel's Veg-O-Matic invade the Zappa Feature (?!)

(9-11-02) Here we are a year later. I have many thoughts today, but let us remember the dead, and thank those who prevented tens of thousands more. We must salute those who gave their lives to help others.
We then must turn our attention to the faceless, heartless cowards who destroyed so many lives. Show yourselves, and face us toe-to-toe. Declare yourselves and your motives. If we are satan, if we are your enemies, THEN SHOW US YOUR FACE so we can prove you wrong and then send you packing, motherfucker.
Here is a little piece I dug up:
It is a commentary from a reporter in Canada, our friends and neighbors to the North. The page also gives access to many images and videos of the disaster. Never Forget:

God Bless

Oh yeah, 2 new killer links on Weirdness 6. That last tornado image will bring you to a MASSIVE database which includes many WTC-related sites.

August, 2002: In honor of my Daughter Kenzie's 2nd Birthday, (Sept. 1st, tomorrow) I have done two things:
I am putting this link to her website
(to be updated within a few days)
...and I have administered Unrelenting Written PUNISHMENT to four of the most deserving victims IMAGINABLE on the ShitList. Have a Look at the new #7!

(8/25) The Top 1000 has reached 50!
Have a look at the "Euro-Thrash" feature. It has been completely overhauled. Boy, did that page look like SHIT!
(8/19) Weirdness 6 will now accept visitors...
PLUS: NEW stuff on Weirdness; A new image and link on 3, and tons of new "goodies" on 5...

A note: (Serious Business) I had to do the Unthinkable today; I had to REMOVE a song from the "Downloads" Page, in order to create space for daily updates. I hated to do that, but the "Donations" page has been totally ineffective, and I can't afford an upgrade.
If you are RICH, or even have just a few extra bucks, PLEASE help support this site!
There is a Link on the Frames (Scroll DOWN) and on the No Frames Page to do so.
If I can just get this upgrade, I will be able to ADD several songs that you will not find ANYWHERE else.

Mucho happenings and Doo-ings over at the much-beloved ShitList:
In particular, Construction Workers and POOP Enthusiasts; have a look-see...
Also, some new additions to the "Top 1000"
(8/4) FOUR Gruesome New Chunks 'o Weirdness on 5
(8/2) I just bought me a Geee-tar. I haven't owned one in like 5 years, so WATCH THE FUCK OUT!!
haha... 4 new entries on the "Top 1000".
The first new feature in quite some time... O.C. Punk-Meisters D.I. can now be found on the
NEWLY IMPROVED Hardcore/ Punk Page. It's about Fucking Time!
(7/24) Forget about the Lions and Tigers and Bears, (oh My)... WEIRDNESS 5 IS UPON US!

(7/20) Explosive new image and link on "Weirdness 4". Expect "Weirdness 5" to unleash itself soon.
Well, I have begun to chronicle my extensive years of concert-going insanity. It will probably take me to the age of 60 to finish this one. Hope you enjoy it.

(7/14) The latest features to get a facelift: Alice Cooper, Severed Heads, Skinny Puppy and Napalm Death. Have a look.

(7/12) I have just returned from my first show in nearly 4 years.
It was a little tour that is making the rounds, and it is called the "Oops! The Tour".
It is NOT to be missed. Click this:

Any of you freaks who like your music Aggressive, Psychotic, and Completely Unnatural, GO to this thing!
The headlining act is The Locust, who can only be described as "Devo meets Anal Cunt, sprinkled with StretchHeads".
I saw the show at a place in downtown Minneapolis called First Avenue, and that place has got some fucking HISTORY! Holy Crap! It reminded me of some of my favorite haunts back in L.A.
I was talking to a woman who has worked there forever, and I am going to do an article on this hallowed place, along with a review of the show I just saw there.
This opens this site up to my 25+ years of Concert-Going and Gig-Hopping experiences.
In other words, I am going to try to compile a list of ALL the shows I have attended, and review as many as possible. It will be a new section, known as "Live Reviews: 25+ Years of Mayhem". Look for it to surface in the coming days.


~Happy 4th~

New stuff (Pics, 2 New Links) on the Residents Pages... GO have a look! (Featured Artists)
I have posted my favorite pics of my lovely Daughter, Kenzie on her site. It is accessible from the "Proud Links" page, then click "Daddy's Corner" once you are there. Good stuff, Maynard!
7-4-02: The latest addition is an Ultra-Frightening Gallery of exclusive images of MIGHTY SPHINCTER performing live (undead) in 1999. You won't find these anywhere else. (until someone steals them, that is)
GO to "Features"/ Mighty Sphincter
(6/24) NEW! Interview Section!! Scott Ian!! GO!!
(6/23): Well, it was truly inevitable: This site has won the
Golden Web Award.
As soon as I have determined the level of prestige involved here, I will begin composing my acceptance speech. (ha ha)
Actually I would like to thank those people at G.W.A., because they seem sincere and really did look over the site, accepted it for what it is, and did NOT bombard me with ads at any time.

I have finally updated the ShitList: Some of you may not like what I have "concocted" there. Be sure to let me know.
If you have ever read "About This Website" and came away a bit confused, please read it again; I have tidied it up a bit.
The Almighty GWAR page is nearly complete: GO DIE THERE if you've got the GUTS. (See "Features")
Have you all heard about the latest S.O.D. NIGHTMARE?
Well, if you are a fan of this band, go to "Features/ Punkcore/ S.O.D." and find the links. There is plenty goin' on. I am attempting to get an interview with Guitarist Scott Ian as we speak, but he probably "ain't gonna be sayin' much" on this particular subject... We shall see.
Look for new entries on the "Top 1000"... A change of pace on the "ShitList"... AND
On the page "Weirdness Part 2", you can now find 3 additional "Brother Theodore" links.
If you don't go read them NOW I will see to it that you are PAINFULLY CASTRATED or SPAYED, whichever applies.
(always) Look for tons of new links on the "Various" page, and keep sending those requests...

AudioGalaxy will be going Bye-Bye very soon, it seems. This is tragic, because personally, I see it as the ULTIMATE way to discover new music to BUY.
Many have abused it by downloading entire albums and thereby ripping off the artists. Sad indeed to see it go.

The "Weirdness Section" will now hit the "hyperspace button" and escape the confines of Earthly Existence... Go have a look at the new 4th Page!


We have lost one of the True Originals:
Fuck that... He WAS the MOST Original of them ALL.
Marc Moreland
...the Guitarist of Wall of Voodoo, Department of Crooks and others, passed away in France on March 13th, 2002.
Click his image to read my special tribute to Marc.


Chuck Schuldiner:
Frontman of the band Death, recently passed away after a long battle with a malignant brain tumor.
Respect goes out to Chuck and his family in this hard time and he will be remembered always. R.I.P Chuck..

The newest feature is upon us:
One of THE coolest Avant/ Progressive bands EVER... The 5 UU's! GO have a look!
Ahhh The WEIRDNESS just keeps on GROWING... Do not attempt to avoid it... You are being Drawn to it even now... If you can name all 3 of the people or characters shown on the non-linked images, (and explain their significance) you win a free, custom compilation CD from Tangento like nothing you have EVER heard.
Use the e-mail function to submit your guesses.
The BOINGO, STEVE HACKETT, WALL OF VOODOO, HARDCORE/ PUNK, and GENESIS pages are the latest to get a facelift.
(This is an ongoing process with all features, I just let you know about the latest)...
Yeah, the ol'Shitlist just got Shittier; the latest victims?
Why Nickelback and Everclear of COURSE!

The New "Downloads" page is already approaching its capacity. I will have to figure out a way to GET MONEY, & INCREASE the MEGABYTES. hmmm... The wife may have to get a third job! (j/k) I feel pretty good about the variety of stuff on there, but I would LOVE some feedback. Go check out the ZAPPA Feature... It has been greatly improved, and deservedly so. The Residents feature has been added to as well.


I have an idea for the "Pre-Punishment" of the loathsome perpetrators of the attack. We need to lock them up tight & straight-jacketed in a soundproofed room, hook them up with some "Clockwork Orange" Eyes-Wide Open clamps, Crank up a compilation of artists like Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Godflesh, Sodom, etc., force feed them an LSD/Ipecac/151 Bacardi cocktail
(in a beer bong & food-processed with some of those Orange Foam-like Circus Peanuts)
and make them endure hours upon hours of video of the most horrid atrocities known to mankind. (Including their own). Then we'll let
Roddy Piper & Mick Foley
whip 'em into shape for a couple of hours. (on concrete). Sound Good?

(9/11/01) This is a day like no other. It is impossible not to have been affected by today's horrible events. Prayers for All.

If people celebrate in the streets after such a catastrophe, there is something Intrinsically wrong with those people and especially those who seized their minds and brought them into such a state. Let's hope we can eradicate this vile element from humankind before they become powerful ( or crafty ) enough to take out millions of innocent lives at a time.

ohhhhh BOY it's been a LONG time coming and it is finally HERE; The SHITLIST... where all that SUCKS RANCID ASS will get what it deserves. Better watch your butt-crumb-infested crack, STAIND, (and FUEL) cuz YOU'RE FIRST!!!
All Hail Mike Patton! The new FANTOMAS is OUT NOW and it's a KILLER (literally)... I have immediately, of course, created a whole new feature for them, consisting of a review of this instant classic! Go to the "Features" page
Also, I have added an interview with James Plotkin of OLD (from 1996) on their feature page. The interview covers all of their matarial & is VERY interesting. I have decided to make that page the official OLD website. So anyone with contributions or advice please contact me.
This is the NEW LOCATION of Tangento. I have finally had it with Fortune City and all of the frustrations that went along with it. There is already a SHITLOAD of new stuff scattered throughout this page: New pics on some of the features, all sorts of new links, and a couple of "secret places" ...see if you can find...
Please bookmark from the "Index Page", the one that says "Enter Here". (Use your "Back" button)
Older Stuff:
I Finally have a new feature up! I have placed "Pictures" on the top of the "featured" page, and you MUST check it out. They are the epitome of this page and all it stands for.
Next, you Maniacs will soon be able to enjoy a couple of interviews I have brewing:
The Mighty Bass Behemoth Himself, ~Shane Embury~ of Napalm Death is one;
and Former (?) Bassist & Badass Brutalizer of Killing Joke ~Paul Raven~ is the other...
Give me a couple weeks on this...
There is word of a new project from Mr. OGRE of Skinny Puppy / Ministry / etc. fame and it's called "WELT" and should be released this month. There are some pretty strong praises for this already, and anticipation grows...

I Would like to extend my wishes to Mr. Marc Moreland (W.O.V.)for a speedy recovery. This man is one of the most original guitarists ever to strap on a Flying V.
(Nov. 14th, 2000) was a monumental day in the world of modern "serious" music. This day marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of The Greatest American Composer, Aaron Copeland.
This site is (or soon will be) a place to read about this all-important type of music as well as the chaotic, intense stuff. I am now seeking out a special link for Mr. Copeland, and will use this as a springboard to launch my composer features. (If you listen to Copeland's "I Bought Me A Cat", you will have a solid case against all of this "Serious" business.) Anyway, look for the link on the "Various" page, until I get the feature(s) done. (Update, 1/1/01 ...This is proving to be a difficult task, but I AM working on it)
NOW!... Shifting gears... YES!! It is time for the pathetic music world of today to be TURNED ass-side-OUT... THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WILL NOW BE MERCILESSLY CRUSHED BY THE MIGHTY NAPALM FUCKING DEATH BEHEMOTH... That's Right folks, the newest release By the Grandfathers of GRIND has been announced, and it is blissfully titled: "Enemy Of The Music Business"... I have been hearing nothing but MANIACAL RAVING about this release, but NO surprise there, as these guys have ALWAYS done nothing but improve with every new release...
There is a link for their BRAND NEW website on the "Various Bands" Page. Anyway, I have finally begun work on the "Hardcore /Punk" Feature(s) and D.R.I. is the first completed entry... Also, I am right now in the process of re-vamping most of the other features.
(I have just completed Bungle, Voivod) This, of course, means more to my previous visitors. Many of the features are still in their original, ALL CAPS state of rawness, (crappiness) and they need to be updated & injected with some fresh ideas anyway. What I would really appreciate is some input as to which text colors are coming across the best, because so far NOBODY has been real happy with ANY OF THEM! Let me KNOW! Why the hell doesn't anybody ever e-mail me (except to complain about text colors) or sign that Goddamn Guestbook?

(9/30/00) Yo! I am a DADDY! (Going on a Month... must ...sleeeeep) ...
Kenzie was born on Sept. 1st, 2000 and weighed in at 8 lbs. 2 oz. Her own website can be found on the "More Links" page, with cute pics & stuff.
...Now, the "Various Bands" page is finally being pumped up with some links. I have chosen mostly links that would be otherwise difficult to find, and off the beaten path. Requests are ALWAYS welcomed. See ya next time...
Look for the new feature on a true Guitar God... Steve Vai. Also, thanks to the Skinny Puppy Web Ring for having me aboard. Keep an eye out for an upcoming feature titled ..."Composers: Soundtrack and Otherwise".
There will also be a feature on the Mastermind behind some truly KILLER bands like: STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, OCEAN MACHINE and INFINITY ...Yes, It's Devin Townsend! (I have already put up a link for "SYL" on the "Links" Page)
Finally, I would also like to send a greeting to any of you "CLIFFORDS" who may have found your way in here. All Hail SEVCOM!


Also look for some new features on bands like:

A whole new page of nuthin' but EUROPEAN THRASH METAL acts like

And... Coming soon! "Tangento's Auditory Parlor of Utter & Complete Obscurity" ...Featuring MP3's's and/or WAV Files of a select few mostly unknown artists, Artists like Pictures, Seventh wave, Mighty Sphincter, etc. Now you will be able to HEAR some of the SUPER-OBSCURE shit that I have been telling you about!! Look for it soon under "Downloads"...enjoy!

And REMEMBER that you can always check back on ANY section of this website, because there is a good chance that I will have added new coolness to any given area at any given time.

For the Rest of Tangento's Pages:
(If you are not already in my frames)