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(June 21, 2015)

Welcome to Fabulous Lost Vegas!

February 3rd, 2015 Jaz Coleman: (On the USA) "It’s different from 30 years ago. There’s no rebellion left. Everyone is just a passive zombie. Food supply has something to do with its – dumbed down everyone to obese, lethargic corpses ... People are worn down ... It’s a fragmented society. People have access now to amazing amounts of information, but their attention spans are getting shorter, their focus is gone. Instant gratification. Instant knowledge orgasm! I think that a lot of the great thinkers couldn’t achieve what they did through a computer..." (08-15-2013) A great loss is felt here, and in the music world today: R.I.P. Allen Lanier (June 25, 1946 – August 14, 2013) (12-20-12) Hello/ Hello (thought I'd get one in before the "World Ends") Over 2 years gone now, and I am back, yet I never really went anywhere. As stated below, there have been many ongoing, behind-the-scenes updates & upgrades happening on this website. Although there has been very little in the way of NEW CONTENT, there are a few things in the works: Project: Viva Lost Vegas is a massive, multi-media onslaught, the biggest thing this site has ever taken on. This is very exciting news, and I will be seeking support of all types from all types of people. Within two weeks time, I will be 'going live' with a very exciting & dynamic crowd-funding campaign to make this thing happen. To anyone reading this, please make a note to check back here, and to look me up on Facebook as well. (username: Alan Tangento) There are also a few features and interviews which need to be finalized & posted, hopefully ASAP. PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS PAGE AND CHECK BACK PERIODICALLY, there are great gobs of good shit about to happen here! NOTE: to anyone who has tried to access the Weirdness of the World sections of the site, and has been mercilessly HIJACKED by the Webring system, that wretched problem is now officially FIXED. (5-20-10) Move To Amend: Citizens United Must Die This is a dark day in our history; where these corporations, many of them of the multi-national & non-allegiant variety, are now allowed to influence our elections and legislative bodies at levels radically disproportionate to those of the individual citizen. This borders on judicial treason, and MUST BE REVERSED. (5-6-2010) Past promises broken once again, I endeavor to move full steam ahead. Much has transpired since last August; some great, some horrible. The end result is a re-birth for both myself and this website of mine. I shall begin on page ONE, and overhaul every morsel of content within: - Every external link will be restored to operative or removed via brute force - Much new content will be added, many unsung musical heroes recognized - Great gobs of Weirdness will be lovingly splattered about - Each meandering soliloquy, monologe and diatribe will be trimmed to utmost concision, and all embarrassingly naive critiques will be profoundly rewritten This will likely take the better part of a year to accomplish, though rest assured the work has already begun in earnest.

(08-16-09) It may seem that well over ONE FULL YEAR has passed since my last official update has occured, however this is simply an illusion -- obviously brought on by some strange and inexplicable warp... uhhh... in the very fabric of the Universe Itself. As you can see, this website is now one decade old. I hope to get around to some serious upgrading and overhauling, however it has become quite difficult to find the time of late. I have been combing through several of the Weirdness and Featured Artist pages, continuing my ongoing and ever-futile race to keep up with the dying external links. Before this, our tenth year together has drawn to a close, I shall promise no less than TWO new features and TWO new Weirdness pages. BELIEVE IT! (6-24-08) R.I.P. George Carlin - You taught us well (3-6-08) Our busy buddy Amphibifudd has 16 tons of new shenenigans to share with you Earthlings, so be very, very careful. On his FEATURE PAGE, an embedded FUDD Box o' FUN has now been added. As I have already stated -- use GREAT CAUTION, Mr. or Mrs. Fancy Pants. As it stands, both Amphibifudd and our collaborative project known as Eartopsy have a great many -THINGS- in the works, my friends. (though a certain John McCain probably would not care for any of them) (2-26-08) So have a look at the new Composer Spotlight! This month, it's the highly deserving and long overdue:

Koji Kondo

(11-20-07) Three new COMPOSERS were added today. (Alan Hovhaness, Patrick Dorobisz, Ralph Vaughan Williams) Those of you who voted for this psychopathic nincompoop owe the rest of us an apology. NEW STICKER AVAILABLE: (10-7-07)

...and as I was saying, it's time for YOU to EDUCATE YOURSELVES as to what is NOW happening to our Nation and our Constitution. AND FURTHERMORE... (9-13-07) As regular visitors may have noticed, there is a new section. The Action Page is something I've wanted to add for quite some time, however the time for ALL Americans to RISE UP and TAKE THIS FUCKING COUNTRY BACK is now upon us. The time for apathy, laziness, complacency and willful ignorance is PAST. If you are not sure what I mean, then it's time for YOU to educate yourself as to what is NOW happening to our Nation and our Constitution. This is a critical, unprecedented time in our history my friends, and our children are depending on us to TAKE ACTION NOW. (7-10-07) See you in the Twin Tit uhh.. Cities!! 5-20-07 Please visit the newly refurbished DOWNLOADS PAGE ...and 'dig in' to a brand new earful of mashed insanity (with gravy) from our very own AMPHIBIFUDD (5-11-07) Big news in the World of the Mighty Sphincter: (and page updated) (5-5-07) Weirdness FIFTEEN: (4-27-07) GO to the ShitList. GO to the ShitList, now. Also: (Devin's back, and this one's a KILLER) (4-12-07) Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (1922-2007) R.I.P. Kurt Vonnegut Photo by Peter Yang This man was a guiding light during my outcast/ misfit days of - High School Hell - and has remained a huge influence ever since. Read Slaughterhouse-Five today! (4-5-07) Hello Hello! It's been far too long, my friends. I have new features and concert experiences to add, both including Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Other artists to be featured and written about will be The Locust and Dweezil Zappa. (specifically, Zappa Plays Zappa) Expect all of this very soon. In other news, I will be adding a political action area to the site. There is FAR too much bullshit going on here in the US to maintain my silence. Look for new stuff popping up everywhere, including a new YouTube video each month or so on the front entry page, as well as many new artists on the Band List. (09-07-06) What the hell... another favorite guitarist is gone. Terrorizer and LONGTIME Napalm Death guitarist Jesse Pintado died Aug. 27th. Getting real tired of losing these guys. Rest in Peace, Bro (7-24-06) The 'Composers' section has become a framed, 'Self-Reliant' entity. In other words, it can now function as a seperate, framed website. I have also added 3 new composers as well as a few new links. Have a look: Featured Composers (5-18-06) Special thanks to: (5-06-06) Well lookee here, we finally have new WEIRDNESS: A crop from More to come, in far less time. (seriously... there is a new Stephen King section in the works) (2-28-06) Television does not get any better than this, my friends. This has been a horrible week for CLASSIC, QUALITY T.V. actors. (and damn fine human beings, I reckon, all 3 of 'em) Please bow your heads for a moment and pay tribute to 3 of the best: -- Dennis Weaver, Don Knotts and Darren McGavin -- ...then perhaps take a moment to click and visit each of their sites. NOTAFINGAH!! (2-21-06) Potentially one of the most important tours of your lifetime. ARF (11-11-05) Another long stretch with no updates, yet work on this site is never-ending. The most noticeable additions are found on Composers - Page 2 (3 new composers at bottom, + 1 new link) The two newest Weirdness pages are also on the way, but most of my energies have been focused on the latest MASSIVE set of PMS Site Compilation Discs. (PMS = Psych Music Sampler) The world has never heard anything like this 3-disc set. (5 discs total, Volumes 5-7) These will be completed within the next month or so, and I suggest you contact me soon if you are interested. More to come! (8-29-05) This is easily the most painful update in the entire 6 years of this website... Rest in Peace, Brother 1959-2005 We have lost Denis D'Amour, AKA Piggy, to the blasted curse known as cancer. There are so many memories for me of this man's music over the last 20 years, that I would have no idea where to begin. Piggy single-handedly changed the entire complexion of metal, especially of the thrash/ punk/ prog/ sci-fi variety -- a "variety" that really didn't even exist before he began his attack in the early 80s. Make no mistake however; his influence certainly was not limited to this or any other of the so-called sub-genres. Piggy was an innovator on par with Hendrix, regardless that so few people realize or acknowledge this fact. Words like innovative, outlandish and unique can only begin to describe his style. The patterns, the phrasing, the progressions and the bizarre combinations of notes; you just DID NOT HEAR chords like this in metal before Piggy. Over the next few days, weeks and months the truth will certainly be revealed as to how many guitarists were either directly or indirectly influenced by this man. Count me as one, from the first day in '86 when I was exposed to Korgull the Exterminator Rest in peace my brother; there will never be another like you. Please stop by and share the memories. If you don't know this band or this guitarist, the time is NOW. (7-14-05) Well, I finally got around to fixing about 200,000 dead links on the LIST FROM HELL, so I hope all you bastards will use it. It was about 6 hours work, minimum. Lots more to come, just trying to get caught up here... (5-2-05) Listen up, people. This interview is as exclusive as it comes. This band is and was as obscure as it gets. Quality Psychosis, indeed. The new MP3s will blow your ever-lovin' mind. 99% of you need to click this baby & discover PICTURES, like ta-now. Interview with Andy Stennett of PICTURES (4-15-05) ATTENTION! Fans of Zappa, XENOCHRONY and experimental music: Do yourselves a favor, and go check this out...

The UNMODERATED This is a project, 2 years in the making, which shows an incredible level of cooperation and musical talent on the part of the members of the Frank Zappa Forum. I am proud to be a part of this invigorating group of people, and honored to have my paltry little snippet of oddness included on this absolutely amazing CD. A full explantion of the project is available at the site. (as is the entire album; to buy, or to download free) DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS! There is also a major update on the Wall of Voodoo fan club page: (3-29-05) Back again, this time with a new sticker...

CLICK to BUY it - cheap

Expect MAJOR happenings around here, and soon.

(2-13-05) Happy Birthday to me. Here I am, with great news: My days with FreeServers are over, which means that any of you using the "" addresses will be redirected. This is now and nothing but. Also, the site now commands 500 Megabytes of webspace, as opposed to 200; so be expecting a greatly expanded selection of downloadables. Plenty more on the way... (11-06-04) Well then... Yes I am STILL ALIVE, my friends. It has been a record 3 MONTHS since my last official update, but there is plenty on the way here. First off, the first half of a DOUBLE-DOSE of Prime Weirdness: The long-promised Renaldo & the Loaf Feature has finally reached Phase I. Renaldo and Friend are also featured as the Pick of the Month on the Downloads page Plus, if all goes well this weekend, WEIRDNESS 14 will unleash itself upon all of you. Stay tuned, because there are also no less than 2 interviews in the works. (8-4-04) Very sad news in the world of film composers. Jerry Goldsmith has passed away. Please visit the 'Pick of the Month' on the Downloads page ...for what, in my opinion, is one of the most amazing pieces of music ever composed. (5-30-04) HELLO! Some NEW (very OLD) Frank Zappa has just been released! This is official stuff; looks like some old Mothers demos and such. Click the cover and scroll down. (5-09-04) Big news here:
NEW Skinny Puppy on the way, and for real.

Click for info

Also, a new song has finally been added to the Pick of the Month

(4-15-04) Some of you may be wondering: "where the hell is this guy?" Well, life has been presenting me with some serious challenges lately, and any 'leisure time' has been spent working on the latest round of PMS (Psych Music Sampler) compilation discs. These discs are (killer) companion CDs to this website, and I plan to create an info page very soon for those who are interested in 'subscribing'. Meanwhile, I actually HAVE been updating the site in various places; adding review links, fixing dead ones, 'rescuing' others, etc. Anyway, I'm sure there is plenty here to keep the visitor occupied while my life is sorted out. Apologies.

(2-12-04) AHA!! Finally, and as promised:

+ Renaldo & the Loaf are due any day now.

And finally, my birthday is TODAY, Friday the Thirteenth - (fitting).
What a great time to DONATE for all you rich folk

(2-1-04) Again, sorry about the lapse.
I have added about 30 new links to the Various Bands page.

Also, the CARDIACS and Renaldo & the Loaf features are very nearly done.

(12-27-03) Added a whole slew of (outside) review links
to the Killing Joke site.
(see the Discography page)

Before the weekend's out, expect BRAND NEW features
for both CARDIACS and Renaldo & the Loaf

(12-24-03) To anyone who actually reads this page, apologies for the huge lapse.
Rest assured, there have been plenty of updates in the last 2 months.
The 3 most important 'doings' are as follows:

1. There are 6 new Composers added to the new second page.
I hope to spend quite a bit of time fleshing
that section out in the very near future.

2. The Wall of Voodoo Fan Club
I have somehow ended up running the newly-resurrected 'Dog's Life' club.
It has been roughly 20 years since such a thing existed, so please
see the Wall of Voodoo feature to get the info & join up.

3. The PICTURES feature is the latest to get an overhaul,
and there is also plenty of BIG news over there

(10-28-03)Jusssssst in time for All Hallows Eve...

Blaine Cook of the newly re-formed Accüsed!

Read it! NOW!

A new era of Weirdness is upon us...
SEE the NEW framed LAYOUT!
CLICK HERE (and use the FRAMES or DIE)

Click for our latest Film Review from
the irrepressible Mikey Elms
HORROR is the name of the game.

Also: WEIRDNESS 13 is lurking real close by,
and it AIN'T gonna be pretty!!

(10-10-03) The ONLY reunion that fucking matters is HERE!!
Stay tuned for details and a huge Accused update.
Meanwhile click Martha and get
'caught up' in her 'charms'.

How about THEM apples?
If you are a fan of either Artist Mark Ryden or
website fave Stan 'the Man' Ridgway, listen up:

Stan Ridgway of Wall of Voodoo (and many solo projects) has 
collaborated with his partner, Pietra Wexstun 
on an ambience-oriented set for use as the background music for 
twisted surrealist artist Mark Ryden's latest exhibit known as 
Blood - Miniature Paintings of Sorrow and Fear

Stan & Pietra have created a very unique album here, which I highly recommend.
This has already become one of my favorite works by Ridgway, 
and instills in me the desire to seek more from Wexstun. 
The compositions are a perfect fit for Ryden's sinister whimsy, 
yet the album stands alone as a stunning 
piece of dense and mesmerizing ambient music.
Also, the CD jacket (created by Ryden) is of impeccable quality, 
and is very disturbing & unusual in and of itself.
This CD is limited to 7500 copies, 
so click the image above to get yours today.

(9-30-03) Major news update on the Fantômas page,
and Weirdness 12 is finally wrapped up.
There will be more frequent updates in the next few weeks,
as I have once again joined the ranks of the UNEMPLOYED.

(9-2-03) Quickly: (yeah, right)
New review links for Zappa's CV Phaze III and Halloween
- plus a new list of FZ Bootleg Links HERE
The Euro Thrash and Killing Joke pages are the latest
to be segmented, FRAMED and made INDEPENDENT. (The Treatment)
Look for links to RARE Killing Joke items on the
NEW KJ Discography Page

The Oingo Boingo feature has been updated with new links and format
...and the Blue Öyster Cult feature has a new
Biography Section and will soon get 'The Treatment'.

(8-14-03) Some of the larger features will now become easier to navigate,
via a seperate frame above the pages.
For an example, see the newly revamped Wall of Voodoo Feature
Note that these will function either within
or independent of the main site's frames.
A huge advance, if you ask me.

Always remember to keep an eye on the Downloads Page
- as the new Pick of the Month usually pops up
between the 7th and 15th of each month.
I am working on the next batch as we speak.

(8-11-03) Well, I finally got around to a MOVIE REVIEW.
A few thoughts on this:

1. I reviewed Bubble Boy because I had seen it recently,
it got a 'bad rap' and I found it to be quite worthy.
2. I will eventually tackle some bonafide classics such as:
A Clockwork Orange, Caddyshack, Evil Dead II, Ed Wood etc.
I am just getting warmed up, and enjoy this a great deal.
3. If you are wondering why the review pages have such a 'clean' look,
I guess it's just called progress.
The problem now is, it would take me YEARS to get the rest of the site looking like this!
So for now, the site has an 'Old' and 'New' dichotomy in its appearance.
Expect that reviews thing to grow rapidly in the coming weeks.

(7-18-03) A quickie: Have just written & added probably
my best review yet (not saying much) to the ever-growing
Reviews page
The focus? A True Grind Classic: Napalm Death's Words From the Exit Wound

(7-12-03) Well, I have finally put some STUFF on the
Reviews page!
It is just bare bones for now, but that section will be growing very quickly.

(6-30-03) There is a NEW album, plus all-new media and info on the
bLEeQ Underground Page
Please VISIT! This guy's Music (and Graphic Art) is absolutely amazing stuff.

(6-29-03) IT HAS ARRIVED... the El Mucho Bizzarro Extrava-Gonzo...

(6-21-03) ...still working on the 'Reviews' section...
It should be great fun, as it will include MOVIE Reviews -
as well as some ::gulp:: outside contributions! Coming very soon!

There are also some updates and more big news on the Killing Joke Feature

More to come THIS MONTH!

(5-25-03) Weirdness 7 has been expanded and improved
There is now a Pop-Up Jukebox and a second page:
Weirdness 7.1
- created specially for all you Vinyl Collectors.
Feel free to email me with suggested links.

(5-20-03) THREE new pages on the main frame:

1. The Underground A showcase for starving musicians.
Have a look at the rules and join up!

2. Reviews Nothing there yet, but I will gradually be adding
exclusive CD Reviews from myself and a few others.
Much more on this in the next update.

3. Communicate All the info for guestbooks, email, message board, etc.
-all on one page. PLEASE VISIT!

(4-30-03) Have a look at the BRAND NEW BLACK SABBATH Feature
It is far from finished, but I could wait no longer.
This feature will eventually be HUGE.

Also be on the lookout for the new Pick of the Month on the Downloads Page (tomorrow) -
and the brand new WEIRDNESS PAGE 11 is just over the horizon.
SEE?! I am still kicking ass over here... Never count me out!

(3-25-03) Two new tracks on the Downloads Page,
including the new Pick of the Month feature.
Klaatu and NoMeansNo own the latest tracks added.

I am currently considering adding some new featured artists.
A list of potentials can now be found at the bottom of the
Featured Page. Send in your votes!

(3-8-03) I am on a roll... YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!
Two Interviews in ONE WEEK! The latest is a quickie:

Ten Questions with

Jason Newsted

Jason fills us in with the latest info about the Metallica split,
jammin' with Ozzy - and of course, the current Voivod project.

(3-5-03) Brace yourselves now, because this website has been invaded
on a scale of Blitzkrieg/ Normandie Proportions!!!

Yes, The Great KAT has taken over:

...and sent in an interview reply that
contains more exclamation points than the sky has stars -
...and enough info to qualify it as a Feature.
Click KAT to meet your SHREDDED doom!

If you are into old news or the recent history of this site:

for older updates & news

For the Rest of Tangento's Pages:
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